Subversion Repository

The IGSGateway project is stored in a Subversion source control management (SCM) system on the SourceForge network.

The Subversion repository may be browsed on-line (through a web browser) by navigating to the following link:

When you go to the link above, you should receive a document containing a directory tree similar to the one shown below.


Repository Structure

As can be seen in the image above, the root structure of the IGSGateway conforms to the suggested (default) Subversion structure. This should be familiar to Subversion users.

  • trunk

    The trunk folder contains the current source under development. This is where project developers check out source to work on and check-in their changes.

    This folder probably contains source which will not compile properly and, if it does, it probably won't run. It is intended for use by active project developers only.

  • tags

    The tags folder contains 1 sub-folder type:

    Snapshot folders contain a copy of the trunk folder created at certain times during the software development.

    The Snapshot might have been taken at the end of a software modification and prior to the start of a new modification, or simply taken to preserve the state of the source at a given point.

    This folder may contain source which might not compile properly and, if it does, it might not run properly. It is intended for use by active project developers.

  • branch

    The branch folder contains the IGSGateway Release folders.

    The Release folders contain both zip and tgz (tar.gz) files containing the latest released code for use. This code has successfully completed testing on all supported platforms and can be used in production systems.

  • documentation

    The documentation folder contains documentation files for each release of the code. The documentation consists of system requirements and installation instructions in pdf format, in both zip and tgz (tar.gz) files.

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